I'm a software person at Prodigy Education. I'm also into Pizza & Bread.

Tonight’s pizzas. Plain cheese for the kiddo. Plant-based sausage, garlic & pepper for the adults. I also tried for garlic knots but many of them were set aflame. Photos next time when they’re not mostly made from carbon.

I’m on vacation this week and so I baked the first loves in a long time. I still sort of remember how to do it. But whatever customizations I had made I’ve totally forgotten. 🥖

Potato, garlic, onion. Trying 62% hydration over a 8 hour room temp rise. It’s a bit harder to deal with but I like the 62% much better than the 60% for squooshy Neapolitan crust.

First pizzas of the spring. Amazingly I still kind of remember what I’m doing. 🍕

Birthday pizzas for my new 5-year-old. Pepperoni. Potato/Shallot. Pesto/Tomato. The kiddo ate plain cheese…

Pesto, Mozzarella, Romano in the Roccbox. Starting to see some progress with the extreme heat.

Finished a whole 20kg bag of flour. Never thought it would happen, but much bread and pizza was enjoyed.

A reminder to all those trying something new: give yourself permission to suck at first. In unrelated news, my first baguette:

My mother-in-law bought me a nice basil plant to support my pizza habit. Makes much more sense than the incredibly expensive small containers of supermarket basil. 🍕🥬

The difference 15 minutes makes. I pulled the one on the left early because my kiddo and I had to leave for our hike. They’re both the same dough. White with a poolish. 🍞

More pizza progress. Kids, margarita, pesto, mushroom, and all dressed. 28 hour proof then frozen. This is the first time trying it with frozen dough balls and they worked out great. 🍞

Pesto, mozzarella, basil. 48 hour proof. I’m getting better at getting the pizzas off the peel.

Back into the bread making spirit. 14 hour poolish. The one in the Dutch oven got a little toasty.

Looks nice, tastes terrible. Added 1/3 of the whole wheat flour and it’s got an unpleasant cardboard aftertaste. Giving up on the flour.

First attempt with the pizza steel. Good results, decent leoparding on the bottom, but the dough was way too high hydration. Very hard to work with. Mushroom, onion, and fior di latte.

Might as well document the failures too. This was from a poolish made with 1847 bread flour. I didn’t get the folds right, and I think my hydration was way off. Tasted like cardboard. I bet 1847 flour is amazing in the hands of a great baker, but I’m not there yet.

First attempt at pure flour with kneading. Worked ok, but this is underbaked. Tin foil impeded the rise.