From the Couch of Ben Johnson

Father, Principal Engineer at Prodigy Education, serial hyperbolist.

Startup idea: a phone number you can use as two-factor for banks that removes the whole “phone” part of the equation.

I believe there’s room in the world for a really good Star Trek video game… but it hasn’t happened yet.

“In early 2021, Yachty was reported to be producing and starring in a live-action movie based on the UNO card game, which is being developed by Mattel Films.”

And I thought Battleship was a challenge. UNO is hard mode. Good luck to the screenwriter.

I was getting a bunch of spam calls every day. It was very frustrating, so I signed up for RoboKiller. Now I’m so used to not getting interrupted, I can’t cancel. It’s like an ad blocker — I’m stuck with it.

Me: Ok, time to go to sleep. I have to be up early tomorrow.

My Brain: It says here that the CIA developed exploding seashells in an attempt to assassinate Castro. This seems very important.

I’m really late to this party, but it turns out that Focus Modes are great.

My 7-year-old does not understand the “Hello Computer” joke from A Voyage Home. You can just talk to computers now… it’s no longer funny. (Unrelated: I’m old.)

The Besties 2022 Game of the Year two-part podcast was excellent. Lots of discussion about why people even like games at all, and some quality behind-the-scenes critical evaluation.…

I’m trying to resist learning Rust SO HARD, but spending time on Hachyderm is not helping. Can’t. Fit. Another. Language.

Survivor, but to get food contestants need to write correct regexes.

The constant difficulty I have in choosing between programming languages makes me think I just really like programming. This must be how some people feel about shoes.

✴ A Fresh Coat of Paint for 2023

I love personal blogs as a place to experiment and play. In my day job, I don’t get to do much design work anymore, so my personal blog gives me a place to stretch those (very atrophied) muscles.

For this year my goals were to make something simple and clean, with more whitespace. The last few years have been somewhat suffocating. It’s time to crack open some windows.

The theme uses the Rosé Pine Dawn colour scheme (for both light and dark modes). It’s typeset in the same type as last year, Capricho by Hoftype. Check out those italics.

This site is powered by is hard to…

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A Hanukkah gift from my mother and father-in-law. Happy Jewish cats!

Mug with happy cats wearing Jewish clothing surrounded by menorahs.

It’s like it gave up and was just like “yah, some winter stuff in a blender”.

Because YOU did that. You did it. It was you. You made the page look worse. You can fix it by taking the banner away. You have the power! Believe in yourself!

Overlay banner that says “this page looks better in the app”.

I’m old enough that it’s still amazing to me that with some simple HTML and CSS you can make something that everyone in the world can see. It’s incredible.

Someone needs to make a one-page site that displays the current best password hashing algorithm. Bonus points if it swears at you: “It’s fucking bcrypt.”

Update: Kristian Horwood pointed out the OWASP Cheat Sheet Series, which is basically exactly this. Amazing.

Today on Wikipedia, the “List of patron saints by occupation”. Favourites include patron saints of: pastry chefs, programmers, exorcists, locksmiths, medical record librarians, police dispatchers, poor students, and tax collectors.

There’s a thin but important mental line between “cold coffee” and “iced coffee”.

OMG I think Kaleidoscope may have solved the halting problem.

Screenshot of Kaleidoscope update window with the text: "all comparisons now actually end, in
&10;reasonable time."

This is now my favourite Tom Cardy song. I can’t get it out of my head. He sees us all.

End-to-end encryption for iCloud Drive has me considering moving from Dropbox, but I’m not sure I trust it yet. This is one of those things that needs to be bulletproof.

By far, the happiest I am as a programmer is when I’m writing tests. Not many things in life have such a fulfilling red/green feedback loop.

Before I had a kiddo, if someone had told me that one day my 7-year-old would ask for a mocap suit and a gorilla costume, I would not have believed them. (He’s making a homemade King Kong movie.)

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is very good. If you liked XCom, it plays all the right notes.