I'm a software person at Prodigy. My COVID projects are currently Pizza & Bread.

My son’s been asking about getting a bunch of Sharpies, so I took him to Staples. Of course, he picks the largest Sharpie that has ever Sharpied.

It’s legitimately shocking how broken Shortcuts is in iOS 15. There’s been periods in Apple’s history where software quality has been… lacking, but this is really something else.

After about a decade of using OmniFocus, I’m giving Things a shot. I’m appreciating the opportunity to fully rethink my systems. Initially I thought I’d have issues with how prescriptive it is, but so far I’m finding it actually fits the way I think pretty well.

The only thing that’s making the multiple hours I’ve sat at this car dealership waiting for a repair bearable is the Weather Channel they keep on in the background. They’re the best at making it seem like a little bit of rain is the coming of the apocalypse.

Ben’s Survivor Rule #42: Throwing the challenge is never worth the risk.

Screw B-Trees, the most unfair interview questions are anything that involves the JavaScript Date standard library.

The Highlights

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A few years ago my wife bought me a Kindle for my birthday, and I converted all my reading to the Kindle. I love the e-ink screen. But the feature that I’ve grown to rely on is the highlighting.

I’ve never really been a highlight-while-reading person. In university it always shocked me to see people tarnishing the pages of their incredibly expensive textbooks with brilliant yellow highlights. But, of course, highlights made on a Kindle are digital and sync their way up into the Amazon cloud. The highlights are downloadable, storable, and are a great starting place for notes.

To this, I’ve added Readwise, a service that takes highlights to the next level. It collects highlights from the Kindle, API, and other sources. Every day, it sends an email with random highlights for spaced repetition. And it provides search, API access, and exporting of highlights and notes.

Beyond the Kindle, Readwise can also import highlights from services like Twitter and Instapaper. This means that all my highlights are in one place, my reading contributes to them, and the email digests help me make new connections by surfacing them.

This setup helps me feel like my reading is active. My ADD doesn’t get as distracted, and I’ve been finishing way more books than before. It’s a nice feeling contributing to a corpus that drives my future ability to recall what I have read.

Tonight’s pizzas. Plain cheese for the kiddo. Plant-based sausage, garlic & pepper for the adults. I also tried for garlic knots but many of them were set aflame. Photos next time when they’re not mostly made from carbon.

Read: Staff Engineer: This is the best description of Staff+ roles I’ve ever seen. Featuring interviews from a ton of active staff-level developers, it’s an incredible look into a role that’s often unclearly and poorly defined. 5/5 📚

Get Your Life Together With This Fridge Thing

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I was on Amazon looking for a replacement crisper bucket for my fridge. I did not find one.

But, some of these before and after photos are amazing.

Who stores their eggs in a pile at the bottom of a fridge?

Before and after scene. Before has a pile of eggs on the bottom of the fridge. After has an egg rack.

There is no way that the food on the left is the same as the food on the right. Someone has clearly become a healthier eater.

Before and after photo. Before has no colour and has a lot of food all wrapped in bags. After has fruit and healthy foods displayed in drawers.

The secret to keeping your fridge tidy is to throw out half of what’s in it. (There might be some truth in this one.)

Before and after. Before has lots of food in a fridge. After has only a few things badly photoshopped in.

Free business idea: Insurance for your kids visiting your in-laws. Oh, did they pull too hard on the blinds? Did they break the couch? No problem.

There’s evidence that the strongest core value my son is going to have as he matures is: No Spoilers.

I’m on vacation this week and so I baked the first loves in a long time. I still sort of remember how to do it. But whatever customizations I had made I’ve totally forgotten. 🥖

Things you never think you’ll hear as a parent: “We’re still working on the rib cage, but it’s close.”

While getting my second shot, I discovered that the brand name for the Pfizer vaccine is Comirnaty. This is a terrible name. Supposidly it “represents a combination of the terms COVID‑19, mRNA, community, and immunity”. Moderna’s is Spikevax. Way cooler.

Finally caved and bought a Moonlander keyboard for my RSI. Delivery in a month or so, and then probably a month of practice after that to be comfortable. I’ll post the layout I settle on back here when I’ve figured it out.

Today my son asked me to get him a toy Titanic. “Complete with an iceberg and the life boats!”

I’m really hoping no one makes this. 🤦

Apple’s testing tools have improved a lot, and I’m looking forward to XCode Cloud. But, the lack of mocks for base apis like StoreKit, HealthKit, or CloudKit really make testing more difficult than it should be.