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Get Your Life Together With This Fridge Thing

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I was on Amazon looking for a replacement crisper bucket for my fridge. I did not find one.

But, some of these before and after photos are amazing.

Who stores their eggs in a pile at the bottom of a fridge?

Before and after scene. Before has a pile of eggs on the bottom of the fridge. After has an egg rack.

There is no way that the food on the left is the same as the food on the right. Someone has clearly become a healthier eater.

Before and after photo. Before has no colour and has a lot of food all wrapped in bags. After has fruit and healthy foods displayed in drawers.

The secret to keeping your fridge tidy is to throw out half of what’s in it. (There might be some truth in this one.)

Before and after. Before has lots of food in a fridge. After has only a few things badly photoshopped in.