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OmniFocus 4 Beta

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Learn OmniFocus has a First Look at OmniFocus 4 coming on the heels of Omni announcing the beta.

TLDR: Switching to SwiftUI is allowing Omni to build new components for the iOS platforms that are much more akin to what we get on the Mac.

The iPad and iPhone versions of OmniFocus are great for quick entry or checking a list but I find they are not as easy to think in or work in as on the Mac.

The rapid editing of tasks and notes on display in OmniFocus 4 is a huge step in closing this gap. It also feels aligned with the design style of touch interfaces that have you directly manipulate your content without switching between modes.

I’m really impressed at Omni’s willingness bet on the modern Apple frameworks. SwiftUI still has very rough edges. It’s courageous for them to embrace it this early. That said, this looks like a great demo of the power of SwiftUI to raise the bar and provide consistent interfaces across all platforms.

Along the lines of being a better app to think in, my one wish list item for OmniFocus 4 is better note handing. Things does a better job of integrating notes fields into projects so that the source of truth about a project can stay in one app. At a minimum, I hope they at least make the font size in the notes field adjustable.